Animals With More Than One Heart

1. Octopus: o Scientific name: Octopoda o Number of hearts: 3 Octopuses (or octopi) are well-known for having three hearts. One heart pumps blood throughout their circulatory system, while the other two pump blood through their gills.  

2. Squid: Scientific name: Decapodiforme Number of hearts: 3 Similar to octopuses, squids also have three hearts. One heart circulates blood throughout their bodies, and the other two pump blood over their gills 

3. Earthworms: Scientific name: Opisothpora Number of hearts: 5 Earthworms have five pseudo-hearts, which are actually pairs of aortic arches functioning similarly to hearts 

4. Cockroach: Cockroaches have a single heart divided into 13 chambers, making it more resilient than the human heart (which has only four chambers).  

5. Cuttlefish: Cuttlefish belong to the same class as squids and octopuses (Cephalopoda). They also have three hearts: one main heart that pumps oxygenated blood throughout their bodies and two branchial hearts that specifically pump blood through their gills for oxygenation.

6. Hagfish: Hagfish are primitive marine animals with three hearts like octopuses and squids. Their unique circulatory system helps them survive in low-oxygen environments.

These animals demonstrate fascinating adaptations that allow them to thrive with multiple hearts! 🌟