5 Best BB Creams In India For A Flawless And Blemish-Free Look

Here are the 5 best BB creams in India that are lightweight, affordable, and suitable for different skin types.

- BB creams are a combination of foundation and cream that provide sheer coverage, hydration, sun protection, and oil control.

BB creams from different brands, such as Olay, Maybelline, SUGAR POP, Colorbar, and Garnier, with their prices, pros, and cons are listed in this story

- Olay Total Effects BB Cream is a multipurpose product that claims to refine pores, boost radiance, target age spots, smooth skin, and lift and firm skin with SPF 15.

- Maybelline Dream BB Cream is a lightweight product that gives a dewy look with SPF 30 and two shades to choose from.

- SUGAR POP SPF 30 + BB Cream is a vegan and paraben-free product that hydrates the skin and gives a natural finish with a matte effect.

- Colorbar Beauty Balm is a sheer moisturizer that nourishes the skin and evens out the complexion with SPF 20 and antioxidants.

- Garnier BB Cream is a mineral-rich product that reduces the visibility of skin flaws and moisturizes the skin for up to 8 hours with SPF 24 and vitamin C.

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