Application format to Bank Manager for ATM card Apply | Application Format to Bank

 We have come with various bank application formats along with ATM card Apply format to the bank manager. Let’s explore some of them…..

Application format to Bank Manager for ATM card Apply

  • Application to Bank Manager for new ATM card


                The Branch Manager
                ____________________ (Bank Name)

                ___________________ (Branch Name)
                ____________________ (Enter the Enter the place of the bank)


Subject: – Requesting To issue a
new ATM card for Saving account No _____________________

Respected Sir/Madam,

                With due respect and humble submission I Shri ______________________ (your Name) want to state you that I have a savings account in your bank branch bearing account number ___________________________________ [Write Your Account Number]. No ATM card
has been issued for my bank account yet,(You can give your own reason)  so I want an ATM card for my account to
withdraw money/transaction purpose.

                Therefore, I kindly request you to issue an ATM card in favour of my savings account.

My Savings Account
Information –

Account Number –
Name –
IFSC Code –
Mobile No. –
Address –

Attached Documents: –

  1. Aadhar
  2. Voter
    Card (copy of any two official documents along with the application form)
  3. Pass
    Book Copy

Thank You

Yours sincerely

_____________ [Name]

___________ [Signature]

* Application to Bank manager for changing registered mobile number

To,                                                                                                            Dated:- ___/____/_______

            The Bank Manager
            ______________________ (Bank Name)

            ______________________ (Branch Name)

            _____________________ (Place of Bank)

Sub:-    Requesting to change my Registered Mobile Number For Saving Account No                         

Respected Sir/Madam

            With due humble respect and submission I Shri/Smti/Miss/Mrs. ______________________________________ want to state a few lines in front of you in my favour that sir I have a saving account in your branch for the last ________ years and i am very much happy with the services I have received from your bank. But sir  In ___/_______/______ I have misplaced my registered mobile number associated with my saving account. And for that now I am unable to process any transaction for my mobile banking services.

        Therefore sir, I kindly request you to guide me through the process of changing my registered mobile number associated with my saving account number ________________________
So that your kind help would be duly appreciated.

    Thanking you sir

I have enclosed my account details with my id proof below:-

Name:-                ________________________________
Acc. No:-            _________________________________
IFSC code:-        _________________________________

                                                                                                               Yours Truly

                                                                                                        _______________________ (Name)
                                                                                                        Cont:-    _______________


* Application to Bank Manager for Issue of Duplicate Passbook

To                                                                                                  Date:-

The Bank Manager

_______________ (Name of the Bank)

______________ (Branch Name

_______________ (Place)       


Sub:- An
application for issue of duplicate passbook


With due respect, I would like to inform
you that I, Shri/Smti./Mrs____________________________, residing at ____________________________ (Address) holding an account in your branch
bearing account number ____________________. I have
misplaced my passbook somewhere.

Therefore I request you kindly
please issue me a duplicate passbook so I would be grateful to you.  

                    Thanking you with anticipation


   Yours sincerely


     Cont: ____________


* Application to Bank Manager for Transfer of Account to another branch of the same bank


The Branch Manager
________________________________ (Your Bank name)
______________________ (Name of the branch)

                                                                                                                [Date] ___/______/________

Subject: – An application For Account
Transfer to another City.

Respected Sir/Madam,

            I am_____________________________ having a bank account bearing account No ________________________ in your branch. I have recently shifted to ___________________because
of my job (Write your own reason). So I request you to transfer my account to Bank Branch in __________________that will ease me to get the best service from the bank.

My Account Details Are
Given Below –

Account Number –
Name –
Mobile Number –
Old Address –

My Updated Address/
Details –

Name –
New Address (Mumbai) –

Thank You

____________________ [Name]
___________ [Signature]






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